How often should I have my pet groomed? Long intervals between grooming increases the probability of matting, causing your dog discomfort, and potentially cause long-term damage to both the skin and fur.

Grooming Cost

Grooming costs vary depending on:
  • Size
  • Breed
  • Desired hair style
  • Dog temperament
  • Condition of dog
Double coated dogs will go through a “de-shedding” process during the bath prior to any brush outs.
Some dogs may require a significant amount of "befriending" before and during the grooming process. This is to alleviate their anxiety in a new environment separated from their owners. This additional time may add $5-$15 to the total grooming cost.

Grooming service will include:
  • Bathing with premium shampoos and conditioners
  • Ear cleaning
  • Nail trim
  • Hair cut
  • Bows or Bandana
  • Cologne or Perfume of your choice

Common Services
  • Walk in Nail Trim- $8
  • Nail Dremel(add-on to Bath or Groom)- $4
  • Nail Trim and Grinding - $12
  • Brush out- $10 per 15 minutes
  • Smoothie (Mat Shaving)- $8-$24
  • Tooth Brushing & Spray- $3
  • Flea Shampoo- $20

VIP (Very Intense Pizazz) Other Services

We ask for 24 hours notice of any changes or cancellations of appointment times. Repeated absense or tardiness may result in lower priority scheduling.

Services NOT Provided:
  • Expressing Anal Glands- Due to possible complications this should only be done by your Vet.
  • "Doggie Downers"- Sedation of dogs can be dangerous and requires the watchful eye of a medical professional. This should only be done by your Vet.
  • No Freshly Skunked dogs- To protect the skunk smell from embedding into other pets.