People of Pooch Pizazz

At Elizabeth's Pooch Pizazz, We combine care and comfort for your pet with Elizabeth's skill at Pizazz to give your pet the ultimate grooming experience.

Our facility, conveniently located off Yankee Rd near SR-129, has over 1400 square feet devoted to your pet's grooming pleasure during its stay with us. We provide cage banks for smaller dogs, as well as pens filled with the fresh scent of lavender to help keep our guests happy and calm. Every dog is walked in our green space in the back area prior to bathing and grooming to alleviate anxiety, and to give them a chance to relieve themselves.

Your pet's fur will be hand lathered with premium shampoos mixed with our state of the art “Hydro-Surge” system. This process ensures that every hair and follicle is cleansed of the greasy buildup and dirt that causes odor and health problems for your dog. We apply conditioners before the final rinse to replace the natural oils that keep the skin healthy and the coat shiny and silky. After a good shake-off and some towel drying, the fur is thoroughly dried and fluffed using our high velocity dryers. These use a powerful stream of air to penetrate the coat, drawing moisture away from the skin, and separating each hair to ensure that no dampness is left behind.

After being brushed out to straighten any tangles or mats, your pet will be sculpted by Elizabeth's skilled hands into Pizazz Perfection for each and every breed's look and style. She will also accommodate the demands of the current season's temperatures, as well as your aesthetic preferences.

Elizabeth, Pizazztastic Groomer

Stephen, Assitant Manager

Benjamin, General Manager

Piper, Pomeranian

Adali, Miniature Poodle

Squirrel, Mystery Dog

Draco, Maltese