Definition Of  Pizazz

Piz·azz noun Informal

1. That which is created by, or pertaining to the creative workings of Elizabeth,

generally related to, but not limited by the pizazzification of dogs.

2. A type of grooming predominately found in dogs that have come into contact with,

or have been inspired or influenced by Elizabeth.

Piz·azz·i·fied adjective

Pizazzified pups [ Dog(s) that have undergone the grooming process, at the hand of

Elizabeth, wherein gaining a Pizazzified state, or a state of Pizazzification. ]

Piz·azz·i·fication noun, plural Piz·azz·i·fications

The dog needed Pizazzification. · Elizabeth imbued the dogs with their respective Pizazzifications.

Piz·azz·i·fi·er noun


Piz·azz·if·y verb

The act of adding Pizazz, or that which leads to a state of Pizazzification.

Piz·azz·a·maz·ing adjective, redundant

The coupling of Pizazz and amazing. Some arguments have been made that

Pizazzamazing is correct, but others argue that Pizazz is already indicative

of amazingness, therefore, Pizazzamazing is used in some circles, but is excluded

from others.

Piz·azz·a·men·te Latin derivative, adverb

El perro andó Pizazzamente.

Piz·azz·ed·ly adverb

She groomed pizazzedly. She pizazzedly groomed the dog.

Piz·azz·ed past participle

Elizabeth has pizazzed the Shih Tzu.

Piz·azz·i·ness noun

Having the quality of Pizazz.

Piz·azz·a·ri·fic adjective

Conferring or conveying Pizazz.

Piz·za noun

A food, often confused with Pizazz.